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Turn Slack messages into tasks and queue them up for your team

ReviewQ is an essential tool for legal teams reviewing contracts, HR teams approving job offers, or
any team that wants to get work done.

Add items easily

Add tasks to the queue in the way that best suits you. Either say @reviewq add, share a message and @mention @reviewq or leave a comment on a file.

View a list of tasks

@reviewq list will show you a paginated and sorted list of items in your queue. Each item has a handly link to jump directly to the message in your archive.

Get notified when your task is done

It's a one-click process to mark an item in your queue as done. When you do that, the requestor will receive a DM with a link to the message which was marked as complete.

Coming soon!

Time-to-Complete reports

Find out your average turn around time for requests and track changes over time.


Apply labels for quick triage and more detailed reporting.

Assign a colleague

Put someone in charge of a task to ensure it gets done.

Web management UI

See and manage queues from across your entire Slack team.


Integrate ReviewQ into your favorite bug tracking or task management tool outside of Slack.

And more!

We're continuously adding new features. Drop us a line if you have an idea you'd like to share.

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